Game review question

I just received my new many faces of go version 12. I was reviewing the 91 game 3rd TV Asian Championship, Final Round. As I was reviewing the game it said on move 18 in the comments section “black 18” does anyone here use the many faces of go and can explain to me why it says that when, white had actually made the move at 18?

I am wondering if the person who recorded the game is saying that black should have moved where 18 was? I am new to reviewing games and just hoping someone can explain to me why they said that.

I do not own MFOG 12, but it’s suspiciously easy to mix up the colors, even for 9 dan players. I guess the author of the commentary just made a mistake, and it should probably be “white 18.”

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ok, thanks.

I don’t have the program, but something like “black at 18” is often commented on a written kifu when black is playing where the 18th stone played was captured from. Perhaps the comments were originally to a written kifu?