Game timings

Hi, can anyone direct me to the info about the meaning of all timings in the pre-game set-up section?
Most obliged, Dragan

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Do you have any specific questions?

Byo yomi and Fischer are probably the most popular here. You might check wikipedia or senseis library for more info

There’s also the OGS Documentation, but honestly I think the game setup box is pretty self explanatory once you know how each time system works.

Hi Benjito, many thanks for the info. Yes, the board is good - just to make clear - what does 15m + 5 x 30sec mean for instance? Cheers

Great, I just found the explanations in the second link you’ve sent - thanks Benjito!

Welcome at OGS. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Here is some more info on the rating on your profile page.

Great! Just to clarify, 15m + 5 x 30 sec means that there are 15 minutes of main time, followed by five 30 seconds of byo yomi periods. A Byo yomi period is only used once you run the clock down all the way.

Good one. Cheers Ben!

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