Generating Tsumego from games on OGS

I’m sure the devs are already aware, but lichess has introduced new puzzles generated from games played on the site: New Puzzles are here! | Blog •

I think this is super interesting, and was wondering if it’s feasible to implement in Go.
One has to guarantee that there’s an unique solution, which I guess chess engines can do at this point (at least reasonably enough to have them generate puzzles automatically).
How far away are go engines to be able to do the same?

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There won’t be a unique solution for many of the puzzles you find in Go, unless it’s about capturing or living with a certain group, and that its status decides the game. It’d be a fairly limited set of puzzles in that instance.

In a different thread (The Conquest of Go - A Videogame featuring Go Gameplay - #223 by shinuito) there was a small discussion about trying to make puzzles from games. AI sensei has a tool that picks the big enough mistakes from a game and makes them a puzzle, but at the moment it’s more “Guess the ai move” than find the solution (full sequence) to this puzzle.

There was a more recent update where AI sensei let you create custom puzzles/solutions but it’s stops being automated at that point.

I agree though, it would be a cool feature to generate puzzles from games.

I left the ideas I had at the time in that other thread, but I’m not sure how usable they were. If you have some ideas on how to go about it it’d be cool.


That’s very interesting, thanks! I’ll have to read more about it.

But to be honest, even an improvement on the tsumego interface would be great.
The puzzle interface on lichess has an gamification/addictiveness to it, which I have not seen on tsumego apps. You solve one, and the next one pops up right away. You have puzzle difficulty ratings, several stats on different themes you can improve on, etc.

I often find myself solving chess puzzles on my phone during idle times, and far more than what I would expect. I wish OGS had a similar system, it would have probably improved quite a bit if I was able to quickly and easily solve as many tsumegos as chess puzzles. :sweat_smile:

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I guess you are looking for something like

Would be nice to see this in OGS.


I didn’t know this one. Thanks!