GET /v1/games responds 404

I need an api to get a list of games, and I found the route GET /v1/games documented in Apiary docs, but when I try it, it respond 404, for example with curl

I can work around by making lots of /v1/games/:id requests, …but it is highly inefficient. Is /v1/games supposed to be 404 or is it temporarily malfunctional?

If you are interested about the use case, I want to get the stats of win rates grouped by player ranks. See Win rate by players ranks in OGS,


No one answered you but just in case you’re still around. This api request was turned off at some point, long time ago I was able to use it (but it was super buggy). I don’t think we had any official explanation. But basically this request is kind of too heavy and breaks the server so if you’re not careful whole ogs will bug out. It happened one time for real and it was turned off and some additional restrictions were put in place.

Your best bet is to request for many players. It gives the results of last 5000 games for the player.

I updated Win rate by players ranks in OGS with newer data.