Getting the Clock in Zen Mode - Workaround

After another request for this in help-chat, here’s my workaround. If you’re using a PC you can use multiple windows to achieve the desired result. eg:

Crude but effective until this particular improvement is implemented(which I’m guessing it will be without further lobbying).

There’s an older post on this issue here: Poll: Clocks & Prisoners in Zen Mode


this should be doable with forntend only though right?

Maybe some of our great github contributors would wanna take a stab at it? :slight_smile: There is a picture in it from me. :smiley: and fame.


If you need to watch your time while having zen mode enabled in a corr game with 6 days left,… you take entirely too much time to make a move.

Also: I noticed there’s some space left after the time window is added, so why not add, say… a chatlog? :grin: