Poll: Clocks & Prisoners in Zen Mode

I use Zen mode on lichess.org all the time. Unfortunately, I cannot use Zen mode on OGS; it simply doesn’t show the clocks or the prisoner count - it doesn’t show the information necessary to play the game! In contrast, look how elegant the lichess.org’s Zen mode is:


The key difference is that on lichess.org I can see the clocks and the difference in captures. Without this information I’d lose my games on time or I’d mis-estimate the score!

So I wonder - what do other users think?

Should clocks & prisoners be visible in Zen mode?

  • Yes, clocks and prisoners should be visible.
  • No, clocks and prisoners should not be visible.
  • Whatever, it makes no difference to me.

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Ideally in zen mode probably there should be just bowls with correct number of prisoners and time announced by voice. And leaves of sakura occasionally falling on the board. But that’s just my dreams.


I assume you mean that inner-voice of intuition that speaks only truth? If, however, you mean an actual audible voice then no, no I rather disagree!


You should also include if an opponent requests an undo, I don’t think this is here yet unfortunately, however if it is then I also propose this: You should be able to see specific chat messages that are marked as important by the opponent. If your opponent requests an undo and then you don’t see it before playing your move, you should be notified that your opponent said “misclick”. This has happened to me both when I was in zen mode and when my opponent is in zen mode, so it can get really annoying.


Especially if it’s the same shrieking witch that SCREAMS byo yomi times at us :sweat_smile:


Indeed; notice that lichess.org has a turn-back arrow that starts to glow if you or your opponent presses it:


The hand and the flag represent offering a draw and resigning. Go also needs three buttons:

  1. Take-back
  2. Pass
  3. Resign

Not many votes, but this is a pretty clear cut consensus:


That in mind, i’ve opened an issue on GitHub so that things don’t get lost in the ether.