"Ghost" sound during game

I keep hearing “ghost” sound of moves being played while analyzing game or leaving a finished game tab open as if someone is playing, pretty fast too. (no new move is made in fact)

First time it occurred was when I was analyzing a past game of mine. Scared the hell out of me, thought “someone” was continuing that game abandoned so long ago. Definitely not the best Go experience for someone at home alone :frowning:


Are you sure you didn’t have a tab to another game open somewhere?

Yes, I’m definitely sure that is the only tab I opened, and the sound ends when I close the tab too.
I use both my PC and laptop to play, and the bug occur pretty frequently too. I didn’t do much testing but I know leaving the game tab open for awhile, and switch to another tab has something to do with it.

Mm… would be weird if no one else had experienced the same problem like me.
If you want I can record a video next time the bug occur…

I haven’t heard of this particular one, though there have been reports of other types of sound bugs, mostly related to the countdown voice though, never random stone placement sounds :frowning:

No need for a video sample, I believe ya, let me know if you gain any more insights along the way that might help with narrowing down the sequence of events that causes that. I’ll be bug hunting sound stuff probably tonight so hopefully I can nail these down :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently heard the countdown when I had the overview of my games open :open_mouth:

It happens to me too but only when I’m on my phone though so I assumed it was my crappy phone.

It happened to me once that I went to http://online-go.com/observe-games, then observed one game, but still heard the sounds from all games

I had that numerous times already, though it did not happen recently (and yes of course i always looked whether there was some other ogs tab open :slight_smile:

It happens to me when I am watching the games. I hear the stone clicking sounds and game ending sound even when I close the game I am watching and the only window left is the OGS chat room.
There is no difference if it’s Chrome of FF or browser on my tablet.
Right now for example I am hearing the sounds from the game #761236 but I was watching the game #761223.

Edit: I was able to connect the sound and the game by watching Live games page.

I’m observing a game right now, and the ghost stone clicks sound like popcorn popping – very annoying.

Update: I couldn’t watch the game anymore because of this. Closing out the window was the only thing that stopped it.
Correction: If I go back to the homepage - http://online-go.com - the ghosts sounds disappear but return as soon as I start watching a game.

I also hear that knocking sound from other games, while watching one. It is not just annoying, it is perfectly disruptive, as the volume level is same as for watched game moves. I tried to find something like sound on/off option in Settings, but I couldn’t. So I ended by turning off the sound from the browser in the system mixer. But this doesn’t seem to be a good workaround, as moves sound is extremely helpful when observing a game.

Added: this happens in FF and IE.

It’s the first option under “Game Preferences” at the top :slight_smile:

Seriously? Is that you, Bill Shubert?

So do we have to wait for some enterprising individual to come along with a “big ugly hack” to fix a sound problem involving stone clicks that the developer finds trivial and only worthy of flippant remarks…again?


@recorderer asked explicitly where the sound on/off was as a workaround for the annoying sound bug and I gave him an answer, not sure what you’re upset about.

Today was the first time I heard these ghost sounds. I was observing a game and I went into analyze mode and then the ghost sounds started popping. It sounded like two or three 10 second blitz games at the same time. I tried to figure out the rhythm but I couldn’t. I also cannot reproduce this :frowning: I was using Firefox 31.0
I’ll report again if I can reproduce somehow.

Many thanks for all of the reports guys, keep em coming :slight_smile: I’ve sat down to try and fix this twice now and have had no luck reproducing it on my end :frowning: so keep the reports coming, and extra kudos to the first person who can reliably reproduce it from a freshly reloaded page :smile: once I can reproduce it on my end I should be able to finally nail it down pretty quick.

Today I just experienced the bug again, so I decided to record it. But turns out only the actual moves’ sound are recorded, the “ghost” sound is not there in my recorded video. Really weird ._.

That was not the thrust of recorderer’s post. Watching games here on OGS is nearly impossible with the popcorn popping stone clicks going off with increasing frequency. As recorderer made clear, turning off the sound is neither a solution nor one that he/she was seeking.

Ironically, the opposite sound bug of having no stone clicks on KGS is what provided the last straw for my exodus from KGS, especially given the flippant attitude of Bill Shubert toward users of his client. But then we expect that sort of behaviour from Bill, and he makes no apologies for it.

We don’t expect that at all from the Nova/OGS crew, which is why your remark to recorderer’s post was a bit striking. There isn’t a more user-friendly go-server crew on the web than you guys. Please take this bug seriously.

Apologies for my brashness.

Thank you.

Hah, at least our ghost sounds live up to the name :slight_smile:

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@quark The bug persists not because lack of trying or caring, but because I have been unsuccessful in finding a fix yet.

My response to rerecorder was not intended to be flippant or an attempt to shove the problem off to “just turn off the sound”, if you re-read his post yes his main point was “I have the bug too and it’s really annoying”, but the temporary fix he employed was to disable sound for the entire browser because he was unable to locate the sound settings on our settings page. My goal in my response to him was to direct him to where that option was so that he didn’t have to cripple the sound for the entire browser just so that he could use ogs without suffering the sound bug.

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