Ghost touch on smartphone

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using a new phone for a while (almost a year) and as usual played correspondence games on OGS while taking a break, waiting for the bus, etc. As you know correspondence games allow for you to place your stone first and then you have to click submit in order to make your move, and that’s when I’ve been having some issues from time to time.

So it’s my turn and I play normally correspondence games making use of tools like analysis or conditional moves which naturally force me to tap the screen multiple times and place a lot of stones in the right coordinates, which works just nice and smoothly. Except when it comes to tap on that submit button. The issue is: when I’m ready to click the submit button, the stone that I already placed at the coordinate I want to place, suddenly appears at a complete random coordinate on the board!

I’ve had that happen a few times and I can’t figure out why? My phone works perfectly. I haven’t actually tested my screen with any advance techie tools but it simply works. Even when playing on OGS and making use of analysis/conditional moves, not a single time has that happened. So why only after I tap on submit? On a complete random location on the board?

Recent examples: - That last move from Black on O6 was actually supposed to be on D16. I haven’t even considered it so there’s no reason at all for the stone to appeared there. But don’t be fooled by the fact that “it might make sense”, sometimes random locations I mean drop a stone into an obviously atari position or 1-1 points. - Read the coments and you’ll see a couple of times where this happen.

Any thoughts? Any help would be much appreciated, I really want to keep playing OGS while not in front of my computer. Thank you!

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Could zoom be implied?
Do you use zoom (pinch) to make the last move and/or tap “submit” button?

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I observed this once or twice myself, but I don’t remember anything special than.
Therefor I can only add some wild guessing.

I would either guess an error on the touch sensor around the position of the submit button, or maybe your fingers are oriented differently when pressing submit (bringing something near the screen that irritates the touch sensor (could metal near the display cause something like that? I really wild guessing here)

Dirt, water (or high humidity) on display or fingers would have a effect all over your display, not only on one specific location.

In the meanwhile you can try to use this app:

I’m not using zoom but thanks for the suggestion, lysnew.

My guess would also be something on the screen that builds up from use like dirt, humidity even sweat too (although I keep my hands clean I promise :smiley: ). But I will try to flip the phone to landscape mode and give it a go, see if that makes a difference. I’ll try that app that you mention that would make things a lot easier on many other ways but I thought there wasn’t any official OGS app?


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There isn’t an official app, but OGS has an API everyone can use to develop their own clients.

The app mentioned by @flovo is the most up to date and also advanced OGS android app we have so far. As mentioned it isn’t “official” but it is endorsed and favourably viewed by the devs.

The ongoing discussion for its development can be found over in this thread.

This has happened a couple of times to myself too, i haven’t been able to figure out why. It’s happened only in mobile, stones just jumps on another placement when clicking submit-button.

It happened to me too, and I think I know what my problem was. After picking my move and clicking accordingly I had to scroll to see the ‘send move’ button. While trying to only scroll I accidentally clicked on the board again. My slow phone did register that click at once, but had a delay in actually showing the newly selected position for my move. I now clicked on ‘send move’ happily and in the last millisecond the new (and wrong) move appeared.

Not sure if others have the same problem of course. You clearly ‘need’ a slow phone to encounter this.

I had this once or twice. I havn’t to scroll down to press submit. Sometimes my phone is slow, most times it isn’t.

I use Firefox on Android.

I think this might be an option too, I will try and be more careful about this. I will try and reproduce this if I can play a match against a bot as to at least get some more info, since this seems to be happening to more players other than me. Funny enough is that I’ve played on IGS app as well but never had this problem there. I think I’ll definitely try the app and see if it improves with that.

I had this once or twice. I havn’t to scroll down to press submit. Sometimes my phone is slow, most times it isn’t. I use Firefox on Android.

I’ve been using different browsers and I can recall happening in Firefox, Waterfox and now I’m trying Lightning Browser.

as an alternative, i think rotating your phone 90deg to horizontal mode can bring the submit button into view

If nothing else works, I believe you can turn off the submit button in the settings. Of course, then you risk a normal misclick.

That would raise my misclick rate by a factor of roughly 1000. :joy:

There is a middle ground, double click submit rather than button or single click

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With my large fingers, I well understand. It takes me about five minutes just to dial a phone number!

I have to agree that make a move by a simple tap on the screen would destroy every game I play :smiley:

Btw I’ve been trying the Online Go app and it just works great, very nice looking board and simple to use. I think for now I’ll stick with that and do some tests only when I get some time to play against bots and see if the alternatives proposed make a difference.