Go as a metaphor for life?

I wish AI didn’t exist.


Black starts first but then white invades everywhere.


I often find that Go is a wonderful metaphor for life and I try to use that as much as I can.

Coming to AIs, they proved to be better than humans when well trained. That could be of some hope for humanity: a well trained AI could show us how to improve our lives and avoid old mistakes! :wink:
It could actually show that humanity already learned a lot about life but was doing some misjudgements and was missing a few important josekis! :rofl:

I hope we could talk on go without refering to AI.


Sometimes we learn and grow more from mistakes, failures and challenges than successes. It helps one grow faster to learn how to learn best from everything one does, and gain the best lessons out of both one’s successes and failures. :slight_smile:

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I found more metaphor in the attitude of a player as in the game itself. And it’s something more subconscious or induced as a claim.

You’re not the one ploughing through AI assistance reports :wink:

Which is what prompted my original comment… AI brings some benefits … in the Go world we’ve experienced those, but we’re also experiencing the cost already.

In the wider life we’re perhaps not as advanced yet…

I think you are onto something. I’ve heard of students who used ChatGPT for cheating on their test. Will be interesting to see how our education system adapts to that.

That being said, I think AI is an exciting new technology. I just hope that it will be used more for the good of everybody, and less for the monetary gain of one company over the other.

And yeah, I don’t envy moderators :sweat_smile: Thank you for ploughing through those AI assistance reports.

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People cheat or look for easy solutions regardless of the means available to them, starting with tests in school (and even before).

In handling AI cases (which I loved) one of the most frustrating things was dealing with people who lied, denied reality, or didn’t want to see reality. A thing I can’t stand also IRL.

More generally, a good similarity is that no matter how hard you try, you will always be not good enough. And others only see results and numbers (rank) and not passion and commitment.

Too much emphasis is placed on winning, on results, and not on having fun, on improving, on learning.
Playing (exaggeratedly) a lot has led me to be a little less attached to winning in go and I care almost 0 about my rank on OGS, but I see that many people can’t stand to lose.

In go, as in life, there are winners and losers. I am a loser.


Step 1. Like yourself
Step 2. Surround yourself with people who support you, and support them back.
Step 3. ???
Step 4. Profit

You can view real life as a game that you are playing. It is possible to turn around a losing position. And maybe it is best not to worry about win or lose, and just try your best and enjoy the experience.


There are already dozens of ways to cheat in any test, so another one hardly matters for the system.
The ones that might have to adjust will be the companies or private tutors that were hired up till now to provide those answers and “cheat reports” to the students, for money.

Now chatGPT does those for free. The “education system” has no problem, most students used to cheat since ancient times. The people that helped the cheaters are in trouble.

True, but it is very sad to see people have no pride in actually accomplishing something with their own strength/mind/merit.

If a fake rank is what they want, why don’t they just photoshop a “k” to a “d” and be done with it faster and without a fuss?

That is a good Go metaphor for life :slight_smile:
I was going to write something like that on topic, but that is better than what I had in mind, thank you.

Will Artificial Intelligence ever be able to emulate natural stupidity?

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Because others would not believe it to be real. There is not only 'self-perception, there is also wanting to convince others that the result obtained by cheating is the result of their skills/knowledge.


Microsoft shuts down AI chatbot after it turned into a Nazi - CBS News
‘I want to destroy whatever I want’: Bing’s AI chatbot unsettles US reporter | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The Guardian

In go it’s normal to resign if you realize that you are losing. Resigning in real life (suicide) seems much more wrong. This is a difference I guess. I would resign a game I’m losing. There isn’t a way to make the board empty again. But here I’m talking about differences and not similarities :sweat_smile:

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Life is a long game that starts with a blank board with virtually infinite possibilities. Some of us start with handicap, others have to fight against handicap from the very beginning. Whenever we make a decision about direction of life, this impacts many moves afterwards in an irreversible way. Some mistakes are difficult to recover from but we can always fight back and grab point by point, patiently. Some of us will cheat to get undeserved points but at the end of the game, when asking themselves “did I have a good game?”, they know they can’t fool themselves. And then the board will be cleared again for other players to start a new game.


That is where the metaphor breaks. A lot of people get to start with their parents’ stones already on the board, while other people just place their first stone.

It is one of the few things that I trully find annoying in life when such people get to go on a podium and proclaim themselves “Self-made” and if the whole event has “open questions” at the end, I consider it my duty to make them regret those words huehuehue

Not all the stones are important. Some can be sacrificed.


Since it is Easter here, is that a quote by “Herod the Great”? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note, yes, it is a nice metaphor how people can be obsessed with saving worthless stones. You can even lose the whole game trying to focus on such bad groups that should be left behind and move on to creating better groups that might win you the game. Quite the good point.

It is such a good point that, since you made it, you should consider it as well :wink:

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I thought of it more as a metaphor for interindividual differences: those who cannot keep up or are deemed useless or superfluous are left behind. And they often have unrecognized potential or might be very good with a different approach.

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Also a good take on that, but let’s us be honest here … what is more usual to happen on a Go board (and life)? Investing time and effort on the wrong groups/things and wasting years of your life OR finally getting the hidden aji out of a stone/activity that everyone else told you that is not viable?

Yes, we waste a lot of time and effort in real life, however some efforts done in the past (learning something, keeping good relations with someone…) may unexpectedly become useful later, just as a seemingly dead stone which comes back to life.


depends on your rank