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So I was wondering what blog site others have used? I was looking at some like blogger, wordpress, and wix. I know in some form there is no such thing as “best one”. So I was wondering what others have used and what they have to say about them. One thing I am worried about is being able to upload diagrams. Does anyone know if its possible to upload interactive diagrams in all 3 (using free hosting).


Starting a Go blog is something that I’ve considered in the past. However, I have not, due to concern that I wouldn’t be able to create enough interesting content to warrant it, and since I found that these forums are already a great place to discuss Go, and maybe this discourse format is anyways better for me than the monologue of a Go blog.

The one feature that these forums currently lack is support for embedding interactive Go boards. In the past, EidoGo was used, but eventually that became incompatible with these forums. Note: EidoGo also has some security bugs and has not been updated in a long time.

Actually, I’ve even created my own software for interactive Go diagrams and SGF editing:


I haven’t got a Go blog right now but have used Wordpress in the past.

The openstudyroom.org blog pages sometimes include interactive Go boards. It uses a different publishing system.

gokibitz.com is useful for embedding interactive go boards.

This Go blog is nice and might be a useful reference:


I read a bit about your software B2Bomber showed it to me when I was talking about diagrams. I will definitely be using this and not eidogo thank you very much for your hard work!


Awesome! Let me know if you need any help!

Here’s an example of it in action at the Nordic Go Dojo


Will definitely let you know if I have any questions.

Hmm I wonder what platform nordic go dojo uses to set up there website if anyone knows?


I think @seequ is part of the team behind that site, since they told me about it. Maybe they could elaborate on what other software they are using to produce their blog.


It looks a lot like Wordpress to me, but it’s of course impossible to say for sure. :slight_smile:


It’s definitely not Wordpress, no. The source is totally different than anything I’ve ever seen on WP before.

Nordic Go Dojo has a standard boostrap+jquery frontend, likely generated by some templating engine on the backend given that the content itself is static. Given that the response headers show it’s running on PythonAnywhere, which looks like a Python microservice host (I’d never heard of it before), the likely backend is something like Django or Flask. The backend is just speculation, though. It could be custom rolled, some less-common templating engine, or just legitimately static pages that they update. (The latter seems unlikely, as that’s a particularly inefficient methodology, and would seem very weird to use PythonAnywhere for.)

(Response headers also indicate that the site is run by a Terry Pratchett fan. but that’s not really relevant to the question at hand.)


Thats a lot of interesting information

So far I am leading toward using word press I think.

It’s a solid option, for sure, and abstracts away a lot of the steeper parts of the learning curve that you just don’t need for a simple blog.

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I am about to launch a go news site which will also hopefully be a host to a variety of Go blogs as well. It also uses @yebellz wonderful besgo board too! @Runite, any interest in being a beta tester?


Good guess. It’s a custom Django-based server rolled by Antti himself actually.

Just a student in it. ^^