Go in France

According to your taste, what would be the best place in France to stay, being a go player?

Marseilles? Toulouse? Grenoble? Ailleurs?

This might help:

French Go Federation list of clubs and map

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Thanks, i appreciate but Well i hope to have some more personal feeling from locals or connaisseur (but maybe you are?).
What would qualify as the best go club especially for its activities and happiness?

To be clear, I am not in France, but I figure having this info is a good start.

Given that Paris has what appears to be 7 separate Go clubs, while most cities have 1 or 2 - so that might offer you more variety to choose from, etc.

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That’s true but I am more a small town/coutryside people.

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I think Grenoble is very active with all kinds of activities. They have many famous players: Dominique Cornuejols, InSeong Hwang, Motoki Noguchi, Ariane Ougier, Camille Leveque, …

Their website also seems to be up to date with a lot of content:

And they even have a Youtube Channel:


Grenoble is absolutely amazing for Go! Probably my favorite Go community in the entire world and I’ve visited quite a few.


Actualy the youtube channel is here now : Go Grenoble - YouTube
(some stuff happened and it became the channel of a teacher who used to work for Grenoble :stuck_out_tongue: )

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+1 for Grenoble, really nice city!