Go memes!


To “not buy a story” means you don’t believe it.




But the sounds of the clicking stones! So easy to bat around the floor, and so much attention is being given to the game…


THAT I know, but I still don’t get it :grimacing:

OK, the context of @smurph’s comment was explained to me, thankfully :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:


He doesn’t believe that black can tenuki…


The way smurph explained it to me in chat, it was more like he doesn’t believe black can possibly make such an epically hilarious mistake, so maybe dwyrin is just pretending to in order to get our sympathy.

I dunno - I want to believe, but maybe I’m just gullible :slight_smile:


I love how he says “Do you want to play again?” while laughing at his blunder. It’s why I keep coming back to watch his streams.


Scrubs rules so hard!! So sad they didn’t do more seasons!


Having watched every dwyrin video uploaded to YouTube over the last two years, I can say with confidence that that was absolutely a genuine, authentic blunder. :slight_smile:



Puzzle review request

Who’s “we”? :wink:


Not me. Anyone claiming to have mastered Ko? and since this is the meme thread, here’s another one:


PSA for Goodies fans (click here)

It’s finally available:






thats not a good idea lol to play like that
but now that you mention it i never tried to play outside lol :smiley:


so now its the memes gif topic lol
i see :smiley:


way too subtle for me :smiley: