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Could an admin split the topic in 2 or 3? I love it but with almost 500 replies (with pics!) my old phone is getting an :heartbeat: attack


Discourse only loads the last 10 or 20 replies, so there should be only a problem if you read the whole topic at ones.


Well I don’t just read the last ones, true. If I want to go a bit back, I need to plan it, go do something else for a while and hope it will be finished then back


Go memes index



@violaine: try this:

• begin here: Go memes!, that’s the beginning.

Then copy this link: https://forums.online-go.com/t/go-memes/4337/

Then add the number of memes you viewed from there plus one.

Let’s say you viewed 10 memes and then your phone got “tired”, so you paste https://forums.online-go.com/t/go-memes/4337/11, next time https://forums.online-go.com/t/go-memes/4337/21, and so on. Ten memes for each run. Take twenty if your phone can handle that. For any meme, if you click (or tap) its date (or the number of hours passed for recent ones) on the upper right corner, its number is at the end of the URL which is shown to you.

HTH, Tom


You don’t have to go through the trouble of messing with the URL.

Discourse has a great mobile interface. In the bottom right there is button that looks like “473/473”. Clicking on it brings up an interface to fast scroll through a long thread or to jump to a specific post number. Using this interface also seems to clear up the amount of content displayed/cached in the window to reduce the resource load.


That’s proved to be efficient. thanks for both suggestions.


I want an index though. Like “where’s that great one about how OGS rounds 2.0k to 3k” ?? (real life example, I was searching just the other day) etc…


Something like “Know your OGS meme”? :smiley:






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