Go News(and gossips) Sharing Group?

edit: I think this is too much work, too little interest and other sources available.

I feel like there is a strong disconnect between western go player and modern era go news. People coming from hikaru no go tend to be more familiar with Japanese go history but know relatively little about modern go players except for Lee Sedol, Park junghwan, Kejie and Iyma Yuta. There are a lot of intereting go news/tournament going on everyday but people here know relatively little about it, partially due to the lack of source of news.

I think it would be nice if there is a group/place were people(who knows Japanese/Chinese/Korean) can share the news with other English speakers and keep others updated about what’a going on in the bigger go world. And people can discuss abou those in the group.

I can think of a few sources of go news:

  1. Tygem news (which could be a bit dry)
  2. Yike app (it collect news from multiple sources + some original news articles)
  3. Pro’s weibo ( weibo is like Chinese twitter, a few top pros post regularly but not necrsseily go related)
  4. Twitter (Japanese pro?)
  5. Go magazine etc

I am wondering if anyone think this is a good idea? Is anyone interested in having something like this and is anyone interested in feeding others go news/gossips.


I would certainly be interested in having such a source :slight_smile:
Even short summaries would be awesome (as not to take too much time from people willing to translate)

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There is http://www.usgo.org/news/ , a very good resource, which makes regular news reports on both Oriental pro news and US Go news.


Indeed, but I guess it is missing a lot of news and perspective such as there was no report of another tournament happening at the same time with mind game, how the Chinese representative are bitterly forced to forfeit another more lucrative tournament to attend this, how general public bashes the coordinator of mind game tournament and Chinese kiin in for bad scheduling etc.

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Second issue of Korea’s English Language Go Magazine: Myosu just released.


Any further releases will be posted here.