Go podcasts or other audio books?


My commute to work is about to get a lot longer, so I am starting to stock up on listening material for the drive. One thing I have been wondering about is if there are any decent go lectures or discussions that are audio only? This may be a silly question, since Go is such a visual game.

I have really enjoyed watching Nick Sibicky’s YouTube lectures, and I credit most major improvements in my play to principles that I learned in those videos. I have tried listening to those lectures without the video, and it doesn’t work. There is too much “White can’t play here because black will respond here,” which is all meaningless without seeing the board. Even on lectures that I have seen before, I still can’t follow the audio at all.

My question then, is whether any meaningful teaching of Go can be done in an audio-only setting. If so, are there any existing materials out there that I should look at?


I looked for this kind of thing myself and didn’t find anything. If you do, please share the information.


If you find a video on youtube that you don’t need to look at the board to understand it (this may be hard), you can use this site http://keepvid.com/ and download the video as audio only.


That’s true, @Fabio , but I haven’t found a video yet that makes sense without watching the board.


Going out of topic a little, I also do that, I listen to podcasts while I commute, now days I listen to How Stuff Works and Stuff you should know.


To be honest, it’s fairly hard to imagine everything in the brain if you are listening to an audio lecture…(and for obvious reasons you don’t always have a board when you commute) But talks on Go playing style might be a good idea. They offer a general insight albeit less local and specific.


That’s what I’m looking for. I don’t really intend to study Joseki while I drive. :wink:


I’d love to see some audio equivalent to the AGA newsletter, and reports of the results of things like the Chinese city leagues and major tournaments.

I haven’t seen anything like it yet, though.


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That’s all interesting, and I have an account and do glance over it from time to time. It’s not a podcast, though. My point was that I would be very interested in there being an audio equivalent where people discuss the kind of information available on go4go.net.


You can listen to these videos as if they are a podcast:


If anyone extract the audio from this, please put me a d/l ( I can’t access YouTube) thanks


I send you a pm with a download link