Go-related stuff that makes you feel old

I felt a deep “What do I do with my life?” when I realized Lee Sedol is one year younger that me and retired, as he reached the top of his craft.

Any other losers around?


Actually, when you are old, everything makes you feel old (but “don’t go gentle into the night”). Because of arthritis I can’t play my instrument anymore (but it’s good to keep flexing the fingers), it’s harder to do manual labor (gotta be careful), and I can’t engage in hand-to-hand combat (situational awareness becomes especially important). I can no longer run like the wind, so the Sunday jaunt of 20 miles has been whittled down to a 3-mile walk. As for go, it provides one more reminder that my memory ain’t what it used to be; I actually get tired trying to read out a position in IRL play. “What to do?” Stay interested—in one thing or another. The only upside is experience and a deep well of knowledge, which can be constantly enlarged.


I think it comes down to having reasonable goals and doing what you enjoy.

I mean - let’s say you like playing tennis. It’s a good workout, and once you sort of know what you’re doing, it can be really fun to spend an hour playing with a friend, even though you’re not terribly concerned with who wins that particular game. You’re playing it because the very process of being out there, laughing, and hitting the ball back and forth is enjoyable.

Now, are you going to do the decades of hard work required to become a professional player, and try to win Wimbledon? No, you’re probably not. But the fact that this incredibly-high level of tennis proficiency is beyond you shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the level of play that you’re capable of. You don’t have to be able to win a major tournament in order to enjoy tennis. Just play at your level against people you enjoy playing.

My 2 cents - your mileage may vary - void where prohibited - some cars not for use with some sets


… I always thought you were a 15 year old girl by your youthful posting manner.

bugcat is shocked to the core


I have been a 15 year old girl, so I guess it lingers. :woman_shrugging:


The good thing about being an amateur player is you can always hope to gain a stone in strength!

GIA besides GO what tabs are open and running usually?

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On my browser or on my brain?

On my browser: gmail, YT, OGS and OGS forums, tvshowtime, maybe half a dozen random articles/ pages depending on what I’m doing at the time. However, I don’t tend to forget tabs open for ever, I do keep open the ones I use, but clean up when I’m done with something.

On my brain: I don’t want @BHydden to run down the hills in order to PG-smack me, so I will politely decline to answer.


The browser does reflect the brain. But the brain can be more interesting. Of course the question was meant to bring up interesting topics not to devolve into a subject for “mature audiences”…

Oh and I thought it was fair game as it is what your avatar refers to… : ))

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Random pages are usually news or newsworthy stuff, google news, digg, Greek news sites, something gossipy that came to my attention, new movies/ series that might interest me, a word that a read that I don’t know and I need to translate, a song or two, a streaming and/ or torrent site, a wikipedia article about a subject that came up while I was reading something else, something related to shopping, sometimes a recipe, a makeup tutorial. And other stuff.

EDIT: Work computer has a different set.

Also, I’m not able to resist dirty jokes. Sorry. :woman_shrugging:

who can resist them?? No need to apologize. Got to keep things spicy.

Greek news… Interesting. Are u from there originally? Or descent? And do you cook Greek food?

Btw I just celebrated Καλή Τσικνοπέμπτη… : )

I live in Greece. I cook in general and my taste is open to many different cuisines, I enjoy it.

Πού την ξέρεις εσύ την Τσικνοπέμπτη;

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We all have our tabs we don’t share! ; )

You’re not Tom Hanks, are you?


Go tournament Athens

Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 9 AM – 4:30 PM UTC+03


Just in case u have not heard of it!


It’s interesting to think of how different things were just a short time ago. I played my first game on OGS in early 2016 and I got hooked in early 2017. There were no superhuman computers. There were no computers, in fact, who could even beat an amateur high dan. There were a lot less dans in OGS than now. Outside of peak European or American hours, often dans simply were not playing. Go appeared very static: major developments usually happened in the 1930s, and the articles on Sensei’s Library that referred to them typically hadn’t been edited for over a decade. We’re in a different world…


You made me go back and check, I’ve been on OGS for almost 2 years now?!


I remember playing GO at our little club and discussing Computers a couple years before Alpha GO. I am not a strong player nor a computer programmer, or overly tech savvy. But I said 3-5 years and they will be beating professionals. Sadly in some ways my prediction came true so soon. I think one only had to know of AI developments increasing hardware speed and memory capabilities. To see the end. Ultimately GO is designed with definite constraints to challenge mankind and not machines. Computers do very well with specific parameters, patterns etc… But only the humans could be awestruck at the beauty of a move. Or appreciate the sadness of the moment of humans being not off another pedestal. So GO has changed. And it seems computers do level the learning opportunities for those gifted and determined enough to excel in GO. Perhaps there will be an American or European Lee Sodol someday! And the excitement that would bring in Asia and the West would be great for the game.


You want to feel old mention an old classical Rock band and have someone in their 20s say who?


Some years ago, in a used book store, I overheard a teenager tell his friend that he had just discovered this excellent, old-time science fiction writer, Joe Haldeman (Hugo-winning author of The Forever War and the first SF writer to get a six-figure contract for one book). As it happens, I knew Joe before he was famous and even traveled to a convention with him and several others one time. That kid’s comment really shook me, and I chuckled wryly to myself.