Go variants a la Chess.com?


I wondered if there are any plans to widen Online-Go’s offer regarding the game itself?

For example the biggest Chess website (Chess.com) offers quite a few (chess) variants and maybe I am alone here but I would love some Go variants, from “normal” Rengo, to blind Go / one color go, Sunjang Baduk, miai go, multiplayer/color go and so on.

What would other people think about this, what do the devs think about this? I would be interested in some discussion, but I especially love blind go (or one-color go), and would love to finally have a place to play it online.

Also it would make for more interesting Twitch streams! Right now Chess entirely seems to hold the crown in terms of variants that are possible to be played online.

Probably there were already discussions about this, but I think variants help with keeping people playing and taking a break from the usual ranking routine.


Yes, what a great idea! I support this one from the bottom of my heart!

Older topic on this same idea: Go-variants as templates

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N-color Go would be fun.

Personally, I’d just like to have a custom ‘time handicap’ mode. My opponent gets x seconds byo, I get y.


The main issue is that OGS only has 1 or 2 coders, and go variants aren’t at all trivial. We don’t even have automatic ties for games with integer komi yet. :slight_smile:


yeah I think most/all of these fall under “a nice idea for the future but not the top of the list yet”


But then if someone else was able to code them up in a compatible way with the site that would help the process along I presume?


Some could possibly be coded up on just the front end, such as maybe blind go or one colour go… But I think most of the others would need significant back end work which only the developers have access to.