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Ah, she played (and lost) a pair Go event with eighteen year old 1p Watanabe Kandai.


Not as girly as Sumire~

The game record is, blergh, a UGI. Hope you have Panda…

I just discovered a certain 14 year old prodigy called Fukuoka Kotaro, who’s been having great results.

He’s beaten Yo Kagen, Rin Kaiho and Ueno Asami, but I haven’t seen anyone talking about him. I had to make his SL article myself.


Oh, and Ida Atsushi and Fujisawa Rina as well.


Left or right?

I said he and him.

And you should know Ueno Risa by now.

Did more digging. He beat Rin Kaiho twice and also Kudo Norio. Not your ordinary 1–2p…

Filthy casual

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Nakamura Sumire is gonna play Antti 2021/08/02. No broadcast though.



Blind 12-yo insei Iwasaki Haruto lost to Sumire in a two-stone game (by four points).

He apparently had trouble in a difficult endgame with “several kos and quite a lot of ko threats”.

Fairbairn didn’t post the kifu.


Blind is a vague term, I wondered how blind he is. On the internet it was said he has 0.01 left in his left eye (and right eye can’t see). Googling that gives something like this, so an extremely blurred picture.

Maybe go isn’t that bad of a hobby with this because we only need to distinguish white and black spots anyway. You can see in the videos he appears to be actually looking at the board.

As for the game you can watch a two-hour stream but whoever has time for that

There’s a video kifu in 10 minutes

because sgfs are for losers


Your resource acquisition is very impressive.

I was going to post a picture of a cat in a library, until I found


I think I can see the game on WBaduk. Really I should be sleeping but also tempted to try relay it here if others don’t, assuming that is the game.


I’ll do it for a little bit and go to sleep if it’s just me watching :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 2: Level 2 ai review

I’m also just noticing auto-correct got me with the names :man_facepalming: (“Summer”…)


That’s good on one hand and bad on another. It’s nice to see Tormanen but this means their broadcast schedule can’t be trusted :confused:

Thanks for catching this one.

For relays we always have yike: 弈客围棋


Unfortunately I can’t watch but I caught this


Interestingly there’s a popup on the KPMC page Korea Prime Miniter Cup (KPMC) about broadcasting of the games giving I presume a list of placings streaming :slight_smile:

Edit: They’re not all live now or doing coverage now, but I guess places to keep an eye on.

Edit: The tournament draw and some things are on this channel


It seems like a good opportunity for wbaduk/cyberoro to promote their server to non-Koreans. But as usual, these Asian servers don’t care about foreign players.

In that case KPMC should have worked with other servers. Especially western ones like KGS or OGS to relay the matches live.

It’s like they don’t care about promoting the event or even the game. Instead we have a list of youtube and twitch channels with no clear schedule. Like who covers which match.

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Big thanks, shinuito!

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Well maybe the communication effort could come from both sides and just be some kind of ignorance as anything else. (I’m not criticizing @shinuito who is doing his best of course)


I bumped it up to level 4 for you :wink:

Also here is a video of the game being replayed with pretty backing music


Yeah I’m not sure on any schedules for the channels. I guess subbing might help a tad, but yeah you’d think they could’ve had a plan.

I’m going to relay the Ireland vs Brunei game while I have time, but it probably doesn’t qualify as go news but it is a reply here I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit also on now: The 16th KPMC 1R: Malaysia vs Mongolia (Korean) 제 16회 국무총리배 1라운드: 말레이시아 vs 몽골! - YouTube

I think some past streams are up as well.


Interesting position. According to the bot, Black is only sneaking ahead by just a few points.

I feel that I’d have more fun playing Black here, though.


Oh, Hyeyeon Cho is a 9p. That’s cool.