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I thought I responded saying that I like it outdated how it is with the little Sumire picture. It’s funnier imagining that is the girl who is winning all these matches.

Kyo Kagen (Hsu Chia-yuan) made his second successful defense against Yo Seiki (Yu Zhengqi) in the 60th Judan title match. This match is best-of-5.

The Pandanet commentary (in Japanese) on the Judan tournament has been published as SGF and HTML.

Game 1 commentary by (SGF)

Game 2 commentary by Murakawa Daisuke (SGF)

More 60th Judan articles from the sponsor Sankei News: 囲碁十段戦 - 産経ニュース


The Female Meijin match between Rina and Sumire begins today / tomorrow, in about eleven hours.

It’ll be streamed here:


Second game is ongoing.


The first round of the Shinjin O (crosstable) finishes today.

From an original 33 (yes, not a typo, for some reason Sumire had to play an extra qualifying game – and was knocked out) players, who became 32, we are to be left with 16.

The remaining competitors are as follows. They’ll be joined by either Muramoto Wataru or Abe Yoshiki.

Player Notability
Ueno Asami current Senko Cup champion
Nyu Eiko 2017 Female Kisei challenger
Terada Shuta starred in a cool Go video
Aoki Hirotaka beat 2021 semifinalist Koyama Kuya in 1st round
Takei Taishin none
Moro Arisa Chiba’s Children’s Meijin rep. 2009-11
Yo Chito on Japan’s 2013 Nongshim Cup team
Otake Yu 2020 and 2021 Okan challenger
Kato Chie none
Tanaka Koyu 2020 quarterfinalist
Sakai Yuki 2021 quarterfinalist
Nishi Takenobu 2021 Wakagoi runner up
Oomote Takuto none
Sakai Kentaro none
Koike Yoshihiro 2019 runner up

Game 1 of the 77th Honinbo title match between Iyama Yuta and Ichiriki Ryo started yesterday. The sponsor Mainichi Newpaper has a special section for this 77th Honinbo title match: 第77期本因坊戦 | 毎日新聞. Move 80 was sealed.

One of the articles mentions the players visiting a monument to the 1st Honinbo, Sansa. I was doing a search and came upon a neat blog showing the grave sites of the Honinbo: 温泉と歴史探訪 本因坊歴代の墓


The blog also shows a picture of the building and plaque where the old Honinbo House used to stand before renters (accidentally?) burnt it down doing teppanyaki tricks.




“The Chinese Weiqi Association on March 15 suspended Liu Ruizhi from attending competitions overseas for a year after he violated the “no use of AI” rules when participating in a national chess competition earlier that day.”

chess competition?..

Probably an automatic translation that humans didn’t bother to correct.

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My guess as well, still it’s AGA, even if the original got it wrong…

The qi in weiqi means chess (and wei, surround)

When the context is clear, the shortened word “chess” may be used and translated, that’s not really a full mistake, more cultural difference. We don’t think go to be part of chess games.


Right, and it’s the same in Japanese. I see the English term “chess” being used for both Go and Shougi collectively and it makes sense. 棋 “ki” is used for both (ie “chess”) and 碁 “go” is used when it’s just Go. This is seen in 棋譜 “kifu” (chess game record), 棋士 “kishi” (pro chess player), and in 棋聖 “kisei” (chess “saint”).

You can also see 碁 “go” used instead of 棋 “ki.” Like “gofu” instead of “kifu” in the famous set of volumes 御城碁譜 “Oshiro Gofu” (Castle Go Records).

Even “Chess” is just a game of “Checkers” – a game played on a checkered board.


When kos get too real, 357 moves


Yeah, it’s recent Honinbou game, maybe @bugcat could tell us what happened there?


That first game of the Honinbo title match was wild. The video stream on the second day 12 hours long, which is the longest I’ve seen by a few hours. I see that the game record was the longest but I also wonder if it was the longest in time given that the players pretty much stopped using their main time around move what, 180? The time wasn’t going down because a move within 60 seconds doesn’t actually count against the main time, it’s counted as “no time.”

By the way, Mainichi newsppaer has provided their commentary (in Japanese) by So Youkoku 9 dan (Su Yaoguo). He is a familiar face. The Nihon Kiin tournament page listed the newspaper commentator as Ogata Masaki, but So introduces himself in the comments and is listed on the page.

HTML commentary: 第77期本因坊戦第1局(盤面・解説付き) | 毎日新聞
SGF commentary: https://ugi.pandanet.co.jp/?key=honinbo-77-1c

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I believe before the 7th Honinbo title match, the main time used were negotiated between players instead of a set rule (generally around 10 to 13 hours, some even up to 16 hours each, and 3 days game was the norm, even 4 days game existed), where the custom of pause for the upper hand was still somewhat relevant at the time. And Some did pause time due to health issue (like Minoru Kitani), or by an atomic bomb. :woman_shrugging: