Go7wien - a new group - eine neue Gruppe - hi, join us!

Hi! The Go7 is a Go-club that exists in vienna. If you are here you can just come and visit us. The club is open monday, wednesday from 5 to 10 p.m. and on saturdays from 3 to 8 p.m. / :smiley: das Go7 ist ein Go-Klub in Wien. Wenn Du hier lebst oder einmal nach Wien kommst, kannst Du uns gerne zu unseren Öffnungszeiten besuchen. Mo,Mi 17-22Uhr, Sa 15-20 Uhr :house:
http://goverband.at , http://go7.at
we offer this group to have a platform for small tournaments and a place to meet to play when the club is closed - guests welcome! :dolls:
Wir haben diese Gruppe als Plattform für kleine Turniere ins Leben gerufen und als Ort an dem man sich treffen kann, wenn der Klub gerade geschlossen ist. Gäste willkommen! :coffee: join us to drink some tea or coffee with one of us and to play a nice game. :relieved: enjoy it!


Also nice virtual tables you have :slight_smile:

oh yes! You know it?? In the street in front of our club we have got a touch-screen table to play Go with other players or against the computer. People are very interested in it. If someone of the club is here, we sit there, explain, invite…


Welcome, @puma00, hope you like our virtual gobans just as much as that nice table outside your club :smiley:

And yes, we know: Shopping, Strolling, Playing Go — Congratulations, Vienna! (forgive me for linking to my own thread ;-)) I shared that same info on a lot of Go related sites like L19, FB, G+, and I dearly hope that Daniel Boesze is meanwhile being flooded with requests from all over the world :smiley: