Group Category

Could there be a group category because many people have a group chat in the forums but put it in the tournaments category @anoek.

Are there really “many” examples of this happening within the tournaments category?

It seems that the existing discussions there revolve around tournaments. What existing threads do you think should move into the new category that you propose?


and a bunch more

Several of those are directly related to discussions of tournaments, though, and thus reasonably belong in that category…


What else are we going to post in the Tournament category, if not announcement about tournaments?


Imma be honest I was half-expecting this thread to be math related…
y’know, group theory, category theory, the category of groups within category theory


I agree with @polar-bear and @Vsotvep. Those examples are not just general group chat but specifically tournament announcements and only discussion directly related to them. It just so happens that many of them are already organized around a group.

I don’t think any of those threads should be moved out of the Tournament announcements category.