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Dear friends,

The Mental Combat received a big update today. Unfortunately, the format update turned out to be incompatible with the tournaments announced earlier, so they had to be removed. For this, I offer my sincere and deepest apologies to the players affected by this.

Now the group has a tournament schedule, two formats of competitions and championships, games for places on the Wall of Fame and regular tournaments. I believe that every OGS player will find some for himself among these tournaments.

I remind you that all our tournaments have always been, are and will be open to all OGS players.

In the near future we have to agree on a schedule, so you will find many tournaments. Follow the official topic of the Mental Combat on the OGS forum. :wink:

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The first competition of the updated tournament system is waiting for its participants. Please note that such a tournament happens once a year. :wink:

And a first championship too. :wink:

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No one joined your tournaments so you should consider making the group public so people will join and see the tournaments on the group page.In case you don’t want any other tournament there you can give a few people that you think are trustworthy and make them admin to tell the player to delete the tournament.Lastly you can add a rule in your post that says please don’t create tournaments @MonkeyMonk.

Best wishes

李建澔2 or Vagabond

I thank you for your opinion. Tournaments I created today. Not much time has passed to judge how popular they are. My previous experience indicates the very high popularity of open tournaments. Time will tell.

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Hmm still isn’t open .Actually for my personal experience it took like ten days for a tournament to get four players in a very small group and only one day for our go house @MonkeyMonk

It seems that a misunderstanding arose here. I do not plan to open a group. All tournaments are open to all OGS players. Membership in the group is not a condition for participation in our competitions.

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Today, tournaments for DDK players are added to the overall competition schedule of the group. The first of these tournaments is already waiting for the participants. You are very welcome!

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Another championship and a regular tournament for fans of the 13x13 board are waiting for their participants. :blush:


Today the main annual event of the Mental Combat begins. Welcome!

And one more tournament for fans to play with handicap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The 2020 season is short, so I was in a hurry to create tournaments so that the current season would be complete. In the future, tournaments will be created on a schedule.

Due to the small number of high-level players who want to participate in Ultimate Tournaments, I changed the parameters of the player divisions. I hope this makes tournaments more fulfilled. All changes have already been made on the group page (a link to the group page is in the top post).

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Closed on request