Welcome to my group, specially created for those who are tired of the fever of the tournament and medal fever. The little Wall Of Glory and a multitude of small, craft tournaments created wisely for those who follow the Path Of Go with joy and without haste.

Join Stoneswalkers

Help us, we need an Emperor! :wink:

We need a King, and we need him now! :blush:

I forgot to open the group for entry. This is fixed now. Welcome!

As long as you hesitate to join us, we are embarking on a mystical adventure. A battle with the forces of Darkness is coming, and only Stoneswalkers will resist. The battle on the 13x13 board will hit on August 13, 2019. Do you have the courage to be in the heat of a mystical battle? Let’s figure it out.

Join the battle!

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Arise, warriors!

Experienced fighters, and indomitable recruits, it’s your time to go out and fight for the honorary title of Warrior. Raise your spears, destroy the shields of your enemies! Forward, to meet the dawn!

Tournament Stoneswalkers Warrior 2019 has come to an end and we welcome VPshunt5 as the winner and Stoneswalkers Warrior 2019 title holder!