Guess Rank Game x2


  1. Players are not all the same rank.
  2. Guess the rank of the players.
  3. The same players first game didn’t play in the second game (so diff ranks)
  4. Hint 1: one game is from roughly 2-3 years ago and the other is from a couple months ago.
  5. Hint 2: one game was live and the other was correspondence.
    Game 1:
    Game 2:
    Have fun.
    Answer will be given in a week or so, maybe 2 weeks cause there’s another one going on and cause APPARENTLY people don’t like 9x9.

Wait, there’s still the other one going, why start a new one here? If you wait a week or so you could just do it after the other one finishes, right?

I’m Too lazy and was bored.

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9x9 games are not as fun for rank guessing games because there is far less information to work with and the skills for each board size vary significantly.

For game 1, my guess would be 20k as White appears to be struggling with basic life and death.

First game: White - 7k Black 8k
Second game: White 9k Black 10k

both guesses are wrong.
Hint: one game has a large difference in ranks.
the other has a very large difference in ranks.
also 2 of the players are higher ranked than me.

In the first game, as far as I can tell, black made no mistakes. White played decently, but was lost after only a couple moves. Given your Hints, I’ll guess there was a very large rank difference in this game. My guesses are: Black - 5D, White - 6kyu.

In the second game, both players made some mistakes, and it seems less one-sided than the first. I’d guess Black was a 17 kyu and White was a 12 kyu.

close but far

19x19 is standard???

well too bad
deal with it

ok i will give answers now
first game:

second game: