Guess rank game


Assuming they’re not also rightful sdk with self belief issues :wink:


Come on, SDKs are quite awesome!



That we are. But that doesn’t make 9 kyu as strong as a lot of DDKs believe it to be.


Guess the rank of the players:
I set a review so NO ONE can trace it back to the original game

Good Luck!


Oof, what a rollercoaster…

I’ll start the guessing with 18k.


I couldn’t tell if it was brilliant or … what!? :slight_smile:



I ll chip in with smth a little different :thinking:. I say this is a high sdk game… 4kyu?


7 kyu?


Ohhh what a game pick! :slight_smile:

If this is how DDKs play today I will eat a go stone. Some of the moves were downright inspiring for me. But that said some of the moves were odd - even for blitz.

Given the short time settings I would go for a dan (let’s make ma guess 1d) - with a slight hint of botting maybe? :smiley:


Oh… its blitz. Well then i think dan is a better guess :open_mouth:.


Didn’t consider that. But still, they had at least 30 seconds per move.


Some of the moves seemed dan/high sdk level, but others seemed very strange. So…maybe 1k?


Central Black group was killable, wasn’t it? Maybe 3k?


I’ll give it one more day to guess the ranks


Ok turns out they’re the same rank so im changing this to 9k vs 9k.


If it’s not blitz I’ll guess like 11kyus.

If blitz and people are just looking to start as many fights as possible then maybe l’d say like 4kyus. I’d definitely have timed out or resigned if it was blitz.


Depends on how you guys define blitz. The time settings are written in the game chat in case you missed it.


These players have a good understanding of the basic fabric of the game: shapes, when you should and shouldn’t tenuki in a local position, basic joseki etc. Because of that, I’d be surprised if they were less than 7k. There are, however, several sequences that look dubious to me:

  1. In the sequence played in the lower right corner, it seems to me that by move 23 White had taken a significantly worse result. Perhaps invading the 3-3 was a mistake. Later, at move 12, Waltheri recommends that White keima to S5 instead of push, to be sure of getting access to the side, and that seems better to me. I’m not sure White anticipated move 13, and he also might have been expecting that his attachment underneath at move 14 would be answered on the outside, at R7, and he would perhaps be able to live in the corner in sente and leave the O3 and N4 stones as aji.

  2. On move 39, it looks a bit greedy to hane instead of extending to Q12. Black is taking territory on the fourth line. And indeed, in the game we saw White invade and live. But I’m open to the idea that Black anticipated this: he could have decided that White could reduce the territory with a later play at R16, or just that the area would not be that big after a 3-3 invasion in the top right; and that he’d rather have a wall on the outside instead.

  3. I don’t really like the sequence Black plays on the bottom side from move 67 to 78. Certainly he made his group unattackable, but he made White’s group unattackable as well. It looked like if he played move 67 as a simple extension upwards to H5, he’d have the upper hand in a running fight into the centre. Black has a good local move to support that strategy, if needed: the attachment at D5. If things go really well, he could even shift focus and try to kill White’s P11–R3 group.

So, they perhaps made a few positional mistakes but neither player really fell apart anywhere. Since this is a short game, it makes sense that these are fairly strong players who are just having a run-of-the-mill game, nothing too serious.

I’m going to say they are 1d.


Looks nostalgically similar to how my 9k games would go

  1. imitation of strange pro variations in joseki
  2. waaay too many wedges that don’t actually help much
  3. lots of things that look vaguely like tesuji (especially if you’re blitzing)
  4. A general distrust of running, even if it hurts the opponent’s influence.

But it is blitz, so I’m gonna say w is 7k, and b seems to be at least a stone stronger (judging from his more strategic decisions, despite tactical failures), maybe 5k (if he’s not a stone stronger already, give it a few days :p)


I assume @bugcat refers to an older game.