Guess rank game


I wonder if it means that? Or whether it just means that us non-Dans don’t know what it takes to be Dan. One of the reasons given for this being a lower ranking game was the amount of play taking place while corners were open. Maybe when you’re a Dan you can recognise when that makes sense, and we can’t…



Yay thanks! :slight_smile:


actually I was looking at the tactics, which were very weak sdk to me.

I probably missed the overarching strategy, which is why I’m not dan

For that reason, I’m gonna withhold judgement a few days and do a review of sorts to see what happened


Yeah - that’s the sort of thing I had in mind.


I had such a feeling of deja-vu looking at this game that I went to look at my game history to see if it was one of mine!

Couldn’t see it there though.

I reckon 16k





That would have been a funny joke :stuck_out_tongue: I assure you it’s not a game by anyone active on this topic, as far as I’m aware.


It looks like a very strong DDK. I.e. 11k :smiley: (I just hope it’s not another dan player game which I completely ridicule)


Still want to jump in?


A whole week passed, really? I was sure it was no more than 3 days.

Soo these players definitely look bad. If only we knew when moves like L19 stop being played. P12 too is telling. However people are nuts so no one knows what they were trying to do. Usually DDKs are more straightforward somehow. But then again it’s correspondence.

I’ll bet 12k.


I ain’t got time this week, go ahead.


I didn’t play it all the way out, but I thought the oddest thing was neither side actually securing the lower left corner. Let’s say 15k.




it’s ddk for sure
but what rank is tough to guess
opening shows no knowledge of joseki, started learning a few bits of shape here and there
knows that corners need to be played first
knows pincer, and fixing holes afterwards
knows ladder
random fighting with not much judgement
maybe 15k
i didn’t get a chance to participate on those guess games before, but it seems my reads are fairly accurate
as for the 15k guess just coz they play like me when i just started…maybe at best 13k




Yes, I guess this is a good time to call this round.

The answer is a game from two of the most busy beavers on this site who were both…


8k, or at the time at least; it seems riou is on average a rank or two above Go Sertaõ.

Perhaps it’s because of the correspondence?


We missed again, lol.
Now we need to go through this game once again and try to see it as SDK game.


Wow. Yeah. Hey, if it feels like it was my play, does that mean I’m really an SDK :smiley: :smiley:


I’m a strong believer that there is a large number of strong DDK players that are only kept out of sdk by their own psychological delusions of sdk awesomeness.


That, and being wacked by other DDKs :wink: