Guess the Go Player

This game is a little like 20 Questions, but with two differences:

  1. The individual most be a Go player, current or historic, even fictional, or be somehow otherwise related to Go.

  2. The poster gives two clues, from which it should be possible to guess the person without any (or only a little) more information.

I’ll demonstrate with three examples:

Player 1

  • left-handed
  • joined a well-known study group

Player 2

  • female player
  • often plays /-ed handicap games against other professionals

Player 3

  • professional in the Kansai Ki-in
  • teaches / taught Go in Africa

Player 1:


Player 3: Manfred Wimmer?


That makes it your go~

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  • a successfull professional career lasting over 4 decades
  • revered in China for helping them to surpass Japan

@bugcat: Is player 1 Osawa Ginjiro? Seems to be the only one mentioned on senseis

@gennan: Go Seigen?


@bugcat: Player 1 = Iyama Yuta?

Nie Weiping?

Incorrect. I’ll give another hint: This player is not Chinese.

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Fujisawa Shuko?

Could we not have 3 at a time, it’s kind of confusing.

Sure, if you like we can just trim down to the gennan line.

Correct, your turn again!

  • Serial Japanese titleholder
  • Admirer of Shuei

Sakata Eio?


So we have 20 questions to narrow our search? If so may I ask if he’s still alive?