Guess the person/ 20 questions

Is that a question?


  1. No, the book is not Lord of the Flies. That was written in the same time period as the book it is, though.

Ah ha! I know what you’re talking about! ahem brownie points ahem

Tell me!!! ;D


I wasn’t thinking of shamelessly self-promote, you know. Also I did not particularly want to go off topic, just asked for his expert opinion.

Oh, I thought it was a clue.

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Everything is a clue :wink: . Anyway, any leads on this book?

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Does @HHG know the book?

No. However, I have a question. 14. Is the book considered a literature book? e.g. Around the World in 80 Days, Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, etc.

I think that’s 14, but…

  1. Yes, I would say so. But not as mainstream as those, but no less culturally impactful in my opinion. It’s definitely considered a classic of it’s genre, but it’s not earthfic.
  1. Is this book recommended by JBP?
  1. Not to my knowledge. I’m not sure whether or not he’d consider it good literature by his standards. I suspect he might, as the book could be seen as exploration of an idea a la Dosteovsky, but he’s very particular in his word choice so I hesitate to put any words in his mouth. I suspect, on further thought, that he might find it not to “ring true” in the same way Dosteovsky does. Either way, I don’t think he has recommended it, regardless of whether or not he hypothetically would.
  1. Is the book part of a series?
  1. No, the book is standalone, though it was serialized at one point.
  1. Is the book controversial?
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  1. Not really, at least not in the conventional sense. There is some controversy over whether or not it’s as good literarily as it’s generally considered, but that’s more of a refined controversy. :smiley:

The Wikipedia article doesn’t have a “Controversy” section, for what it’s worth. It does mention some negative opinions on it in the “Reception” section, though.

I’m going to bed. I’m bad at picking good characters. Maybe I should just stick with ones from mainstream classic literature?

The Queen

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