Handicap influence

I noticed 1 handicap always has a lower win rate than 0 handicap. What if black got 2 stones instead of white losing komi?

To get a game with 50% winning probability rate between two players who are 1 rank apart, White should get negative komi (-6.5). That’s what IGS does: Pandanet - The Pandanet IGS Ranking System

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It seems better for 50% chance if W gets normal komi and B a certain number of EXTRA stones besides his first one. So for one rank diff B puts 2 stones and gives normal komi.

Negative komi is rarely used since it obstructs one-glance evaluation of the board.

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I agree. Furthermore, handicap system propose a pedagogic way through the use of influence at high handicap and speedness at lower which is harder to conceive with negative komi.

Well there is a very refined system on IGS with intermediate levels, which cannot be so quickly discarded and seems to please their users. I know some clubs who locally implemented similar system.

I was just thinking: reverse komi amounts to normal komi with the weaker player taking White, and playing first. However I’ve never seen such a game.