Help, AI review disappeared?

I’m sorry, but I cannot find the AI reviews of my games. I am a site supporter, but when I click on the notification saying my game has been reviewed, I can no longer find the move analysis like before. What am I doing wrong?

Did you disable the AI review by chance?

No, I can disable and enable AI review and nothing changes…

Did it happen four days ago?


Can you paste a link to a game that you’re having trouble with, and what browser you’re using? The first few games in your history all seem to have reviews associated with them that I can see, so I’m wondering if something else is wrong.


Hello anoek! I cannot find the AI review interface for any of my games. When I am in analyze mode, the AI review used to show up on the right side of the board and show win/loss margins, and the AI preferred moves would show up on the board. But now neither of those things are happening, analyze mode looks like it did back before AI review was available. Am I just doing something completely wrong?

Thank you for all you do!

Maybe it started around then, but the AI review features have just completely disappeared on all my games.

And you’re positive ai reviews are marked as “enabled” ? What browser and operating are you using?

I’m on chrome on iOS 10.15.7. And yes, all of my games have the option to “Disable AI review,” so I assume that means AI review is enabled. One thing I can think of, when I set my games I only play correspondence and I always disable analysis. Would that maybe change something?

Good news! It is back! Not sure what happened… Thank you for your help, though.