Help,could you tell me the function of 'Game control dock expansion delay' slide in the setting?

I’m translating the string for OGS but have no idea about the function.

It is the right side slide-out panel in games. You can set a delay so it does not bother you when you just accidentaly move your cursor over.

More here:

good luck translating that :smiley:


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Yea it’s not the most self-explanatory (tee hee hee) choice of name there. Unless you’re used to reading, say, Hebrew, understanding flows from left to right. The meaning of this term flows from right to left: “Delay of the expansion of the dock with the controls for the game”. This works for maybe 2-3 implicit composites, 5 is a bit much.

I’d just call it “Pop-out menu delay” (or “Delay for the pop-out menu”) and “Klappmenü-Verzögerung” in German. :stuck_out_tongue: “Tardanza del menú desplegable” or something in Spanish? XD Nevermind me, I don’t speak Spanish.

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It originally said “Dock delay”. I think it got more words in case you didn’t know which dock. If you don’t put enough words, people don’t know what you might be talking about. If you put more words, the phrase gets too long and people can’t understand it.

That’s a developer’s life :wink: