Help needed! Go Blog authoring tool

Was helping someone with whatever I can to set up go platform. One of the things I feel sorely missing is a Go Blog authoring tool. One where the author can write in prose and set up SGFs

In China there are blogs on Go but the real issue is that the goban sequences are NOT interactive.

See 【胡耀宇】申旻埈白84到底是不是好棋?-腾讯野狐围棋

This make it hard to follow and is a friction to enjoyment!

So we found something like which is customizable editor I suspect we can add SGF editing ability to it. But we lack the technical know-how. I wonder if there are technically incline people here who can help out create such a Go blog author tool. Once the tools i ready, I think ppl can write blogs like this

Blog post

What’s the meaning of this move?

interactive goban showing a sequence

Firstly it makes 1 sente cos now the play can block at 5

interactive goban showing a sequence

These are the thoughts of this handsome guy


If you can help out please DM me!


EidoGo seems to be the norm for this type of use case. You can embed this board on your site. here are instructions:

I cannot recommend this as EidoGo is outdated and I have never tried to do this, but I wanted to point out that it exists!

EidoGo has serious security problems

EidoGo is heavily dated at this point and has not been updated in a long time. It even suffers from some cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities (a serious security problem), which while they have been reported and a pull request has been submitted to patch the problem, this fix has not been deployed in the main code, since the developer has seemingly abandoned the project. In fact, you can even verify that the main website for that project still suffers from XSS vulnerabilities in two distinct ways: example one and example two. I’ve also discussed this security problem on the fourms here: EidoGo Security Vulnerability Alert

WARNING: Do NOT download and deploy the public source code of EidoGo on your website, unless you fully understand the security problem and can manage manually applying the patch to fix them.

Ok, after tearing down EidoGo, let me shill my own project…

BesoGo: a modern alternative

Full disclosure: I wrote BesoGo and have discussed it previously on the forums here: BesoGo: yet another web-based SGF editor

Basically, it’s software to embed an SGF viewer and/or editor on webpage. Everything is free and open source, so it can also be customized to meet your needs.

You can learn more about it at the BesoGo Project Page or feel free to ask me any questions about how to use it on a website.

Here are some examples of it in action in the Nordic Go Dojo blog posts:


Hey awesome! As I said, I don’t endorse EidoGo, but I thought it was the only option. Good to know there’s something better.

By the way, given that you are “marketing” this as a more-secure-eidogo, is there any reason you don’t support HTTPS on your web page?

My webpage is a github project site, which does support https. I’ve fixed the links to point to the https version.

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I was wondering if that was BesoGo that the Nordic go dojo were using :slight_smile:

Can we embed it in the forums is the next question :slight_smile:

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Yes, it could probably be embedded into the forums. I guess it would require making a plugin for Discourse that detects when an SGF is uploaded and inserts the BesoGo viewer to load that file.

In the past, we did have a similar system using the EidoGo viewer on these forums, however, eventually an update in Discourse caused a compatibility issue with how EidoGo was working, so it had to be removed.


someone did show me BesoGo. Can I embed multiple in one page? so ppl only have to scroll down to see it?

someone already made what I was looking for but looks unmaintained!

Yes, you can embed multiple BesoGo widgets in one page. Each is just a separate div. The main project page has several examples embedded on that page.

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It’s not on your own dedicated site, but when I wanted a quick and easy go blog with support for images, go diagrams, sgf player I simply made a thread on

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