Help understanding the computer analysis output

Hello all,

I am new to the site and have been trying to use the computer analysis to review my games. I’ve been looking for documentation of the feature to help me understand the output, but have been unsuccessful at finding an explanation. (For example, I found documentation of other features here

I just have some basic questions like how to understand the numbers assigned the different moves and how those numbers relate to the bar that shows the chances of each player winning. I presume that positive numbers favor Black and negative numbers favor White? Any insight would be appreciated.


Hi @Cyanriddle. Welcome on OGS.

The computer analysis feature is really new and still might change in appearance or other minor ways in the coming weeks. Therefore, the feature hasn’t got in the documentation.
Additionally, the documentation you found is an old one. You can find a much more up to date one at

The graph shows the win probability for black and how it changed while the game progressed.
If it is at the upper bound, black is likely to win, if it’s on the lower bound, white is likely to win.

The bar above shows the probability to win for black and white for the current board position. If you explore a variation, the probabilities won’t change and still show the numbers for the root board possition.

Update note 2019-06-28T08:27:00Z:
The visualisation changed since I initially wrote this post.
The moves aren’t coloured anymore and the blue circle now indicates the move the AI would choose and a transparent grey circle the move the player choose in the game.
The colour of the background behind some AI suggestions is now green instead of white, but still indicates the AI effort.
End update note

The numbers in the coloured circles on the board are the change of the probability to win for the player to play the next move. If the number on one move is -8.0 for example and black to play, that move would lower blacks probability to win from 74.6% to 66.6% for example. If it would be whites turn, whites probability to win would change from 25.4% to 17.4%.
The red coloured moves have negative changes, green moves are positive changes, yellow if they don’t change the winrate, and the blue move is the move the player played.

Sometimes some moves have a white background. That are the best explored moves for the current board position.


This was exactly what I needed. Thanks!


Whoa - I thought the white background was a rendering bug! :crazy_face: