Help us Beta Test some new infrastructure!

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Are e-mail notifications for correspondence games working? I haven’t received one yet.

Hi, do I have to enter at this Beta with a new user? or I can use my ‘official’ account?

Hello Jorge,

[quote=“JorgeMastropietro, post:23, topic:8298”]do I have to enter at this Beta with a new user? or I can use my ‘official’ account?[/quote]:rotating_light: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :rotating_light:

This is a beta test, and anything can go

at any time, therefore user data are not connected.

So, please create a new account there :slight_smile:

:rotating_light: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :construction: :rotating_light:


Thanks trohde, you scared me with that Boom! :slight_smile:


Hi. I noticed yesterday that POSTs to the api oauth sign in were receiving a 301 response. Could this be related to the beta launch?

@trohde ROFL

Seems much faster than the current site… Is it because of the new infrastructure, or is it just because there are too few players?


Volume preferences do not seem to carry from game to game, and it’s quite loud.

After right-clicking a tab in the Beta site (e.g. “Ladders” or “Groups”) and selecting “open in new tab”, the new tab opens but shows an “Insecure Connection” error page instead of the expected page.

We’re pretty certain the infrastructure itself is bringing the performance gains, but more testing is needed. :slight_smile:


There is an internal error and the site is unable to load game data now…


Yeah we lost some game data testing out some failure scenarios. This is why we test these things before we do them in production!


I got to the page finally, but it prompts me to sign in but I click and nothing happens. I reloaded and get a badgateway error, 502.

try again? I was doing some work on it yesterday

I get the error: “Too many clients from this address, contact us if you need this limit increased”

This has been a side-effect of an issue we’ve been tracking… I’ve raised the limits for all accounts so you should be good to go now.

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I’m getting the following error: “Connection to the game server lost!!”