Help us Beta Test some new infrastructure!

When I go to my profile page, I get this error:

Server Error (500)

Are we still testing the beta site?

Thanks luka, fixed :slight_smile:

The beta site is pretty much in line with the main site at the moment, though in the very near future it’ll be running a new version that we’ll need to test a fair amount before proceeding into production.



To me, remains a little doubt after what you said anoek in your last post.
When you write “in line” (beta site versus main site) you are referring to the software part only, aren’t you ?
Since this thread has been initialized by matburt the 1st of July with a post in which he was mentionning a new infrastructure the beta version was running on… Today, is the current production version still running on the same infrastructure as the one on the 1st of July or both environments have been aligned on that aspect too ?

Thanks for the answer,


Nope we’re all on the same infrastructure now too :slight_smile: