[Help Wanted] Why I Failed?

In this game, I play by black and I think I’ve won but why the system told me White won by great score? Did I get anything wrong by the rule?

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When you click on the scores at top right, you can see your scores are the sum of the number of stones, territory and komi (for white). The game is scored wrong.

If it is the case, I had the similar issue a couple of minutes ago and fixed it manually. A part of the territory was not marked.

In your game black wins by 17.5 points. Maybe one of you clicked on the board and changed the score, no idea.

And also don’t worry you have a long road ahead. You will win many games.

Thanks for your reply.

So you mean every time when the game ended, the scoring process is not all automated. But when do I need manually operate on it and how can I fix it? Can I find some docs somewhere?

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It is automated but you are able to change the score by clicking stones. So be careful. If you cannot agree on dead stones with your opponent, you can report the game with score cheating.

Maybe this helps, there is a youtube video in the answers, check it out.

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Ok I got it. I should learn more.


Thank you again. I find this replying to specific thread not always work. Sad…


Yeah it seems like it was scored badly, black should have won there

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Your game is scored with Chinese rules. Which counts intersection points/shared borders or stones in addition to territory and dead stones.

Japanese rules only counts the territory and dead stones. Try Japanese rules next. I am sure visually you will find it easier.

And also I am sure you will find it helpful to learn seki at Seki at Sensei's Library

You’re missing the point, it’s not a rules problem, his area literally wasn’t counted. It was a scoring error.


Right but there are squares on each stone which is mind confusing :slight_smile:

I just wanted to teach a beginner :frowning:

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Your opponent altered the score of the game. Here is the information for how to correct the board during scoring: The game view and playing games · online-go/online-go.com Wiki · GitHub

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Sure I need read through the doc first, thank you

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