How accurate is OGS' assessment of your rank?

I know this is a question a lot of people ask, but I only ask because the rank changes so quickly.

Not quite sure if I get what you mean exactly, but we should soon find out: :slight_smile:

It’s only as accurate as people’s play is consistent. Very few people play more consistently than ± 1 stone.

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Yes. Another way of saying this is “are you taking into account uncertainty when you say ‘rank changes quickly’”?

The uncertainty of my rank is +/- 2 stones. It takes me ages to move my actual rank more than 2 stones. Any variation within +/-2 stones is just noise, because OGS tells us that we don’t know my rank to any better accuracy than that.

I used to consider OGS the most accurate out of all the servers, at least to shodan. After the inflation rank update, I think OGS is 2 stones inflated from what I believe is the accurate rank of myself (myself as a benchmark is pretty accurate since my strength has been pretty stagnant for quite a while), judging from my rank change and the strength of my opponents.

So we should bring in Humble Rank without adjustment … everyone would go down 2 stones and we’d be correct :slight_smile:

My current rank (17 kyu) is definitely inflated, partly due to undeserved wins (by timeout or opening resignation). That the starting rank is 13 kyu and the lowest rank is 25 kyu may be another factor in such inflation.