How can I estimate score on reviews?

The score estimation is available on analysis, but not on reviews, this seems deliberate, why is that?

Is there an alternative?


I have no idea, it should be available, but a lot of things are not available on the review tab. Also, it would be nice to have an easy way of going back to the game without having to click the back button on your tab. (sorry if there is a way to do this, if there is, it is extremely hidden.)

On the right slide-out pannel there is a “original game” button.

Estimator would be extremely nice


Thanks, i just thought it would be something above or below the review buttons and move tree, which would make it easier to find.

WHY hasn’t this been fixed yet? It seems basic! AND an easy fix!

Because there are a million other competing basic and easy and “great to have” things for the devs to do.

Note that they have explicitly said they welcome pull requests, so if it is easy, you are encouraged to go ahead and implement it.

I personally can think of a ton of things I’d like to see done before this one, and would be disappointed if this got priority.



Pinging @anoek for the record :slight_smile:

That’s not how software development works, @GreenAsJade. Priority is only one parameter, but context comes first (cf. Davin Allen’s Getting Things Done). If solving this issue involves only adding one line of code that devs already know how to code because they only forgot it some time in the past, then probably it’ll get done very soon. That doesn’t mean devs are prioritizing this issue.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot. Maybe another awesome colaborator gets to add it first :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I know how software development works, @mlopezviedma. It’s my livelihood.

Sure, context might let you implement this feature that WickedMacJack thinks is easy, but in principle the answer to his question is the one that I gave. Assuming that the feature is worth implementing, the only answer to “why it isn’t done now” is “because we are doing other more important things or lower handing fruit”

Either that or, in this instance, you specifically disagree with the suggestion in which case by all means say so.

Broadly speaking “this should be easy, why haven’t you done it yet” is a stupid rude question, which I was attempting to answer politely.


I completely agree with that! And thanks for answering politely! :smiley: It’s just that I didn’t want to let this specific statement go:

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that things with most priority are always the ones approached first.

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Ah - thanks for clarifying your point - you are right that I had missed it!

And - if it happens to be easy to implement any good idea, and you guys do that, I will never complain :slight_smile:

(I hope I won’t ! :open_mouth: )

I do also hope that if you are actually prioritising, that there are others way above this one :slight_smile:

This one is my favourite:






I stand by my statement that it should be a simple fix, the code exists, we already have a score estimator. As for having to sit, waiting for a game challenge to be accepted, I agree, it is annoying, and I usually open a new tab.

Totally agree with this and I would add:

When I use the Quick Match Finder(live), I can still accept custom games that others have offered and if I do then my quick match automatically switches off. Perfect.

But if I set up a custom game(live) myself, I am obstructed from doing the same thing and as GreenAsJade says 'you have little choice but to sit there watching the screen saying “waiting for…” ’

It would be great if I could see and accept a custom game and have my own unaccepted game automatically cancel the way Quick Match cancels.

The game can go into progress on the new tab without you noticing. That is the problem - an alert is required.

I keep my eye on it, and if they are Black then I hear the sound of them making a move. I agree it it annoying, just saying that being able to open a new tab, is a easy work around, while there really isn’t such a easy work around for estimating the score of some complex variation played out in review.

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