How many rounds in a tournament?

Some tournaments specify the number of rounds up front. Others do not.

In some cases (e.g. Swiss) you can’t determine the number of rounds until the tournament has started, and the number of players is known. However, the number of rounds is still not displayed even after the tournament begins.

Is there any reason why the number of rounds cannot be displayed after the tournament begins? Are there cases where this can change as the tournament progresses?

Along the same lines: prior to tournament start, “Players” specifies the configured range. e.g. 4-100.

After start, can this be replaced with the actual number of registered players?

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With some formats (eg double elimination) the number of rounds could change depending on how many people timeout of games (and are therefor disqualified automatically) or resign.

I had the same problem in an ongoing Swiss tournament. I wanted to know the number of rounds remaining, to get an idea of how long I had to play. I did not find this info displayed anywhere.