How to avoid playing people you blocked?


I thought I had blocked a sandbagger, but I just played the same sandbagger again. Apparently, I can bock them from accepting my games, but the system does not stop me. Am I supposed to keep a list of sandbaggers on my own? On KGS, you can block sandbaggers easily. How hard would it be to include blocking me from accidentally accepting their game?

This is a serious question because blocking them means you do not have your time wasted. This is something sandbaggers are completely unaware of; that they are wasting your time.



Apart from the actual problem that you state, I disagree with this sentence. Playing stronger people is definitely the best way to improve your game. In my opinion the sandbagger is not wasting the weaker player’s time, but his own.

On the other hand, we all play for our own reason, and accidentally playing people you blocked should be impossible.

This has been suggested before:

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just to stir the pot, why do you hate to play sandbaggers?:sunglasses:

and how can you tell one is a sandbagger? and share your experience please.
I’m the sangbagger?No, the poor network is the real sandbagger!¬_¬`

If you don’t want to wait maybe set your time preferences accordingly instead of berating people for using the time on the clock? (Pet peeve)


I am not interested in debating the issue. My only inquiry dealt with the ability to block users. When I block a user I want to be blocked from accepting a game from that person not just block them from accepting mine.

If you want to discuss sandbagging, then I suggest you create your own thread. Thanks!


There is a checkbox at the bottom of the page; “Show all challenges.” Unchecking the box reduces the number of games by 90% or more. What is left is the games with the green button to accept. I know it isn’t exactly what you want, but you won’t see most of those games.

never mind, i lost the interest discussing after wasting 20 minutes waiting for your response. :sweat_smile: