Hide blocked people's game offers from me


*** This topic is not about reasons why people are blocked or not ! ***

Hi guys; something came to my mind…
When I “block” someone so they can not accept my games anymore, that means i really don’t want to play with him anymore right ?

So I’d like to blocked myself at the same time so as I’m unable to accept his games (by mistake) either.

Does that makes sense ?

How to avoid playing people you blocked?

I took the liberty of summarizing your post into a single line and to use the result as the title here (as well as recategorize your post). Should be clear as day now.

Also: As with so many other things,…[puts on hipster glasses] I’ve suggested this before.

“I don’t want to see game offers created by people on my blocklist” would be the slightly longer version.


Hi, thanks for that. And sorry about my poor english :slight_smile: Paris, France here :slight_smile:


There’s no shame in being bad at something, only in staying bad at it. ;D


I’m not at all ashamed of staying bad at chess. Just sayin’ :smiley: