Toward a cleaner "Play" page

Hi there.

Maybe I’m the only one who cares, but I would like to remove all the clutter from the Play page. By clutter I mean

  1. certainly all games I “can’t accept”, because having a list of 70+ game offers I could not even accept if I wanted to makes no sense to me and just takes up space.
  2. Games I am not interested in.

Ideally, I would like to be able to filter shown game offers by a set of personal preferences. For instance, I would like to eliminate all correspondence games, because I won’t play those anyway. Additionally, all “simple” (simply bugged) and “fischer” time setting games, as cough there are a few people who will abuse 1 second increases to gain rating points from unsuspecting players’ untimely losses cough, ahem, as I will probably never like, let alone get used to that time setting. Also ideal: don’t show me game offers of people I blocked.

Picture for reference, no banana available for scale:

Thank you for your consideration <3


Not to mention that the vast majority of those games have been there for months (years?) and cannot be accepted by anyone.


I agree with what’s been said above and additionally I think it would make sense to disallow unreasonable constraints (e.g. max rating 127k) and to automatically expire game requests that reach a certain old age (e.g. 1 hour for live games, 3 days for correspondence games).


I don’t really think personal filters are necessary right now (though if devs want to then w/e) as in my experience there are never more than ten acceptable games, but I’m right with you about games that one can’t accept.

If the code exists to put “Can’t accept” by a challenge and grey it out, then the code exists to remove it from the Play page.

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At the very least, clear every correspondence game on there now to purge the gigantic backlog. The real people who want a game can resubmit.


Yes, please set some expiration date for open correpondence challenges! Many of those we have now are impossible for anyone to accept because max rank 127k, and seems like many were set up by players who aren’t active users anymore.

Just make the corr challenges cancel out after 7 days, that would fix this whole thing.