Help me avoid accepting game offers from people I block

I whish it was also possible to ignore users on the game chart to not accidently take their propposals as a third ignore option.


I took the liberty to rephrase what I think you meant to say and to put that in the title to make it more searchable.

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i grant you that liberty.

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I think adding this to the ‘Blocked’ system would be good. ie not even showing me those custom game offers.

The custom game offers can come and go very quickly. There is no time to check against a list manually. Also people can of course change their name so to be thorough I would have to check their profile number. Definitely no time for that.

Nb. See here for a list of who you have block and here for rough instructions.


Also, I forgot to mention that this is a great idea.



Yeah, surely that idea makes a lot of sense. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the data is there so it might be a frontend thing only. Thus if there is any coder among the audience who would like to see it happen soon, remember that our frontend is open source and we are very gratefull for any such contributions :slight_smile:


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