Quick Match Finder should not match us with people we already blocked. Time Wasters, Escapers, Annoying Players?!?

This player. Plays a few moves and by then it’s too late to cancel the game without penalty.

Yesterday, I the player stopped playing mid-game. He didn’t resign or leave the game. He just let it hang there until time ran out.

Today, by luck or bad luck, Quick Match Finder matched us again. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and played on. However, he did the same modus.

I reported him and the game, but probably because of time difference, there were no mods to handle the requests.

I wish there was a “blacklist” somewhere to add these time wasters so we all know who these accounts are.

I wish Quick Match would also look into my blocked lists and not match me with players I’ve already blocked.


I completely agree that Quick Match should not pair people when one of them has blocked the other from accepting game offers. In the mean time, don’t hesitate to cancel such a game if it arises.
It seems likely to me that matching blocked players with Quick Match will increase requests for Mods to intervene so hopefully the devs will feel motivated to alter this situation.