How to get KGS on a Chromebook?

Hi everyone,
I have been trying for a while to get KGS on my chromebook. I love this server, and will continue playing on it, but I think it would be cool to try other servers too, maybe one with a more traditional play style instead of a more experimental one like we have on OGS.
However, since all I have is a chromebook, this might be pretty much impossible. The main problem is a chromebook cannot open/view most files without extra help from a plugin or app. Me being such a tech noob, I don’t know which plugin/app to choose(if there are any).
The kgs file is a raw jar file, so I would need something to open that.
Thanks in advance,
P.S. Let me know is you need more information then this

I know close to nothing about Chromebooks, but I know that CGoban needs a JAVA installation.

So …

  • if there’s no JAVA on your Chromebook, or …
  • if it is even not possible to install JAVA on the Chromebook,

… you won’t be able to run CGoban there.

KGS has a website now (Shin KGS)


Thank you for both your responses.

Chrome doesn’t support java(unfortunately) so yeah, that option doesn’t work.

How would I sign up without downloading KGS? When I click on sign up, it brings me to the other website.

I signed up by going to another computer, running Java, signing up just to create an account, and then using the website on my real computer. I couldn’t find a way around that, unless you ask a friend to sign up for you on their computer.

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Thanks, I was considering doing that, but I didn’t know if it would work. Now that I know it works, I will try it.

GoUniverse is a good Chrome app for playing on KGS, I expect it’ll work fine on your Chromebook:

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I like how it’s a "universal "go client … that just happens to only support KGS :smiley:


Ah, give 'em time. Software is hard. :o)


Meh… Tried cgoban, shin and universal. Cgoban is clunky, shin is still beta missing some features, same with universal has some features still under construction…

OGS all the way… Lol!


I think go universe has the same problem as the website, but I will still try it once I get an account.

Thanks again for all your responses!

Ilya Kirillov is also the author of the wonderful HTML5 Web Go Board:

AFAIK the access to KGS was is just the first “gate” in this WebApp, and he intends to add connections to other servers as well. I trust him to keep working on this, albeit in the time he needs …