How to make TNL better?

Oh yes, good point, sorry. All the constructive criticism should in no way convey the idea that the TNL is bad or does not work !


longer time settings, yes please!


I am also in favor of longer times settings.
Quick games result in poor moves and are of little benefit to most players here
who either want to improve or at least try to play there best Go.

"their best Go"
I can’t spell obviously.


Without the hard work of a few, we would not be having this conversation.

Regarding time settings, I like the live game format, but longer time settings would be most beneficial. Yunguseng Dojang uses 40 min main time with 15 stones/ 5 min. That seems to work out really well for most people.

f) Schedule more reviews indeed.
I am for the idea that anyone higher than +5 levels than the participants could review.

g) I prefer longer game time.
h) overall rating is better.

Also, why not allow in-game analysis and conditional moves? I don’t see the point of disabling these, ever.

  1. TNL is a great concept, love it.
  2. The majority of my games (all but one) were scheduled on the fly and that is unlikely to change.
  3. Because of games being on the fly I did not complete over 50% of my games.
  4. Being kicked from the league b/c I did not complete + 50% is hugely demoralizing and deterring.
  5. Consistently the best live games with great skill match ups.
  6. B/c of being kicked it’s unlikely I will be returning.
    I put in time and effort to try and make games and still got punted.

As an aside, I used to play 90% on my phone. Since they banned my cell ip address (collateral damage) it has reflected in big jump in timeout games and opportunities to get online and pick up games.

I would also like to share my appreciation of the fine work that has gone into this league so far.
I participated in it once in February, but was thrown out due to a lack of response in my group. I am looking forward to the redesign and am eager to return once more. The one game I had was really fun.
As for suggestions, I would also vote for more reviews to increase the learning curve.
By the way, please keep using the Google Calender for scheduling and other stuff. It is really convenient to keep track of all that is happening around TNL.

Keep it up. :smiley:

I don’t really see the point of conditional moves in live games, and I feel like in-game analysis is a bit like cheating (no offense).