How to use this site

I wonder whether it would be possible to have an ‘introduction to the site’ section (or is there one I haven’t seen?) It’s a lovely site, but I am not all that computer literate and so think there are features that I miss out on.

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Not entirely sure what you mean. If you meant the forum, check out this topic:

If you mean the actual site, I don’t know if there is one, other than the “Learn to Play Go” link


For the OGS site (game site) there’s the “Learn to Play Go” link mentioned by @tomfig. There is also OGS documentation but that is currently being rewritten.

For the Forum site send this guy @discobot the following message: start new user to begin the tutorial. More info here: Forum Tutorial


@izzythedram: The documentation, though outdated in many aspects, may still be helpful.It is here: As Kosh says, it is being rewritten currently.


Thanks, all. I meant the main game site. It took me a long time to understand basic features of how to get a game, the function of various buttons etc and I still don’t understand tournaments and probably a lot more… So hopefully the info Conrad referred to will help, thanks!


and don’t forget you are always welcome to ask as many questions as you like here. Just add them to this thread. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. The only mistake is not asking.


Hi @izzythedram
There is new documentation being created here:

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It is my 1st time pn this siteI am completely lost!
My questions:
What to do to inscribe my rank? AND how to get a scale level?

You get rank by playing ranked games. Everyone starts off at the same position and it is adjusted based on who you play and what the result is. As the system gets a better idea of you strength, it’ll assign you a rank (with a corresponding confidence value next to it).

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