How would you see Rengo matchmaking working?

A given: Rengo matchmaking will be on the ‘Play’ page. ( anoek says so :wink: )

How should it work? What should it look like?

Basically the same as normal games in terms of creation. Un/ranked, auto and custom, etc.

But clicking accept on a custom offer takes you to a mini-tournament page where you can see who is connected to the game and discuss pairings etc.

So many options …
Just to name a few.

  • registration as a pair or as individuals (or both)
  • individual registration: how will the “matchmaking” work? Top down (by tournament director based on certain criteria) or bottom up (seeking a partner yourself)?
  • what criteria for matchmaking (top down)? Ranks, nationality, gender, etc?
  • rules for bottom up matchmaking?
  • etc.

^^ yes, exactly. So many options! We need to sift through them to figure out what goes in first.

I think that any similarity to “normal game creation” is quite superficial - there is a lot of devil in the details.

Questions & Notes:

  • My assumption is that Rengo will always be unranked, in the initial implementation
    • I certainly don’t want to have ranking considerations get in the way
    • Unranked means much less concern about chat-cheating
  • You want to see what Rengo slots are open, and decide which slot you want to join in on
  • You want to be able to create a match with pre-specified opponents
  • You want to be able to register as “I want a Rengo match as an individial”
  • You want to be able to register as “We want a Rengo match as a team”
  • What on earth do “rank restrictions” mean as applied to Rengo?
  • Rengo is not necessarily 4 players (?)
  • I picture Rengo match making being a section on the page below “Custom Games”
    • Probably “Custom Games” needs to be collapsible into a single placeholder line
  • Initial minimal implementation: the players already decided who is playing, and one of them simply tells OGS who the teams are and the game starts. Right @Gozart ?

Another consideration is do we support multicolour go from the start? Or do we force rengo to the confines of 2 teams?

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It’ll be built on current game capability.

My suggestion

Array 2x2 cases with name + ranking in each case.

One more array up for the control, if any, with name +rating at the top

You sit/get up by clicking on empty case.

On the left side autocalculate the level of left team
On the right the level of right team
On the bottom calculated autohandicap by default. (option for no )

When all filled each player agree to start. Can be a ready? Button appearing at the bottom. Each confirmed players case turn then to green.
One can still leave by clicking before everyone confirmed.

With someone in control. Can put a rank restriction in each case. Can switch places, kick out. Can fix a given handicap. Activate the activation stage by each player.

Then have a page with enough of these pairing arrays maybe 4? (That’s pregenerated arrays, more can be via the customized rengo offer) And a chat.

A link to this page in the play page (play rengo)

Could integrate a customized rengo offer (mainly for different sizes, but not only, generating the appropriate array which will then appear prefilled on the rengo page)
Still have to put time settings and choice of rule somewhere


Or perhaps: one of them simply tells OGS who the teams are, the three other people receive a challenge and the game starts once all three have accepted it.

Like KGS. Learn from others who have solved this problem already.

(Anyone remember rengo bot from before KGS had proper support for rengo?)

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I think it will need to be able to specify players or at least a team mate.

And (sorry for the OT) being able to specify a player name in the custom game set up would be a great addition to be able to challenge people you know from the play page and save some confusion for newcomers…

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Help me out here. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like. I could (and maybe will at some point) download their client, install it, set up an account, find rengo in there, see how it works.

But I might be better spending my time reading what OGS players like and coding that :wink:


Even if different options can be implemented , would be nice now to open some polls to determine the best default configuration

Chat/no chat
Time settings
Team weak + strong or same level
Handicap /no Handicap

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I’m back to the game. I’ve be off for about 35 years. I remember that Rengo was the reason I stopped playing GO :slight_smile: too many hours spent :slight_smile: . I wan’t an easy setup.The playing strength of both parties should be ‘added’, the difference formed and only half the number of stones positioned automatically as a default on to the board. Voice would be interesting.

Chaos is guaranteed anyway :slight_smile: