Hurt/Heal Fuseki

This is a concept taken from other forums such as The basic idea is that once per day, every user can vote for one fuseki and against one fuseki. Voting for a fuseki gives it 2 points; voting against it takes away 3 points. When a fuseki is reduced to 0 points, it is eliminated and cannot be voted for or against. Last fuseki standing wins.

I took the basic list of contenders from Sensei’s, but I took the liberty of parsing it down a bit. There are still many to choose from, though.

1st: Nirensei
2nd: Mark II Kobayashi Formation
3rd: Micro Chinese
4th: Small Chinese
5th: Chinese
6th: Lei
7th: Cross Hoshi
8th: Mukai Komoku
9th: Orthodox
10th: Kobayashi
11th: Kenka Komoku
12th: Jabberwocks
13th: Shusaku
14th: Miyamoto
15th: Regulation
16th: Tasuki
17th: Split
18th: Manchurian
19th: Hosai’s Formation
20th: Sub-Orthodox Formation
21st: Yonrensei
22nd: Swedish
23rd: Sanrensei
24th: Gorensei

Remember, you can vote every day, but you must both hurt and heal when you vote.


Hurt: sanrensei
heal: orthodox

Like this? ^^

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Perfect :slight_smile:


Hurt Hosai’s Formation
Heal Sanrensei

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Hurt Gorensei
Heal Miyamoto

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Hurt Sanrensei (kill it with fire!)
Heal Jabberwocks

By the way, the High Chinese fuseki is very notable, yet missing from the list.


Yes, I probably should have replaced the entry for ‘Chinese’ with ‘Low Chinese’ and ‘High Chinese’, but it’s too late now.

Updated. Poor Sanrensei is getting pounded. :slight_smile:

Hurt Chinese
Heal Sanrensei

I’m not sure I get it. Not all of these are complete whole board positions, and when I vote for something, does that mean I think the formation is balanced, in the sense that both players will let it develop? Does it mean I think it’s good for White? Good for Black? That it’s uncomfortable for me to play as Black? As White?

Updated. To Vincent’s vote.

It’s completely preference based. If you think an opening is really fun to play but you always lose with it, feel free to vote for it because you like it. It’s not a very serious thing. I would not recommend using the results of this to write a formal paper on optimal play for both sides in the opening. :slight_smile:

Again, does it mean that I like playing it as White or as Black? Or does it mean that I like it as either, in the sense that I think it’s just fun for both sides, forgetting entirely about questions of optimality except as they feed into fun?

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Either. Take your pick. :slight_smile:

Hum, then:


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Updated to severence’s post.

Heal: Lei
Hurt: Swedish (I mean, what IS that?)


Updated to Forensicator’s post.