Hurt/Heal Fuseki

I tried it in a live game today. I lost, but I want to try it again. :slight_smile:

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Heal Chinese
Hurt Yonrensei

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Heal Chinese
Hurt gorensei

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Gorensei is struggling to hang on. :slight_smile:

Stop healing Chinese! That thing needs to die! :imp:



Why the hate for Chinese?

Don’t ask me.

Was my sarcasm too subtle for you?

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Hurt: Gorensei
Heal: Kobayashi

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Gorensei is the first to be eliminated!

heal : Swedish

smash with a hammer : sanrensei

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Hurt Chinese
Heal Sanrensei

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I will be traveling today and tomorrow, so I may not be very prompt with recognizing votes. Don’t worry, if I fall behind I should have everything caught up by Sunday.

Hurt Cross Hoshi
Heal Sanrensei

Chill mate, it was obviously a joke.